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Release your authentic and expressive self. 

In our sessions, we'll begin by exploring your central values and authentic self, laying the groundwork for deeper trauma processing and narrative work. We'll challenge toxic societal teachings and reactive pain narratives while celebrating the complexities of who you are. By embracing the multiple intersections of your identity, you'll gain insight into how to live fully while upholding your values.

Find your center in a chaotic world.  

In a world marked by injustice and oppression, and increased isolation and disconnection, it's understandable to feel disheartened, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Add to that the personal struggles related to unsupported neurodivergence, unaddressed trauma, unembraced gender and sexual identities, or being out of alignment with your core sense of self; it can feel like to much.

Embrace your inner strengths. 

Despite these challenges, you possess gifts and strengths waiting to be unearthed. Beneath the survival skills and emotional reactivity lies a foundational version of yourself rich in unique and powerful qualities. Our work together focuses on liberating this authentic self from the layers of conditioning and trauma that may have obscured it.

Trust your courage and intuition.  

Embarking on your therapy journey can be a bit scary. I know it isn't always easy to reach out. Take your time and trust your intuition as you explore whether we might be a good fit. The most important factor in therapy's effectiveness is the relationship we build. Explore my webpage and try to feel whether we might be a good fit. 

Ready to begin?  

When you're ready, check my Contact Me page to check my current availability and schedule a consultation.

-Matthew Wolfe, MA, LMHC, MHP-